Choose Your Own iPhone Adventure

News that the Choose Your Own Adventure Series (the ‘80s book phenomenon that allowed children to jump to whichever end they liked the look of) has been launched as an iTunes application came as somewhat of a non-shock.

First published by Bantam Books from 1979-98, the new editions are currently being re-published by Magnetism Studios and ChooseCo for the new iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad wielding crowd.

My memory of these books remains mixed – the ability to choose your own destiny and affect the fate of the leading characters in a book was quite a power to bestow upon a 7 year old.

Sooner or later you began to realise that every little decision you made would affect the lives of these individuals immeasurably – a valuable analogy to life, some would argue.

But of course, I could simply turn back the page and start again if I didn’t like how things had turned out. If only life could be so simple.

It seems to me that Choose Your Own Adventure was somewhat ahead of its time and its re-introduction to the iPod-joe-public was inevitable.

By removing the physical pages, so easy to abuse and manipulate for one’s own devices even at such a young age, suddenly these forks in narrative seem a little more terminal.

And as a result a brand new medium is born: an adventure that you construct yourself and have to see through to the end. Although, I suppose you can always hit re-start.

Daniel Marsh

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