PJ Harvey and the Internet Bride

I’m a massive PJ Harvey fan, to the point where I would say that, despite my current longterm committed relationship (sorry, my dear), if she were to arrive at my door and ask for a cup of sugar, a love child and an Elvis themed wedding in Gretna Green, I would say “hmmm” followed by “yeah go on then”.

Music is power. Which is what led me to investigate the PJ Harvey MySpace page a few months back, where I was surprised to see the following advertisement:

I don’t really object to the Great Asian Dating Site, but what surprised me was the juxtaposition of what appears to be the opportunity to select a bride off the internet, with the PJ Harvey brand. Given her ballsy female persona I would have thought this particular banner might not have been up her street.

So how much say do artists get when publishing their image and material on third-party websites, and with the products they end up inadvertently promoting? Is this a giant can of online publishers‘ worms that may never find their way back into the tin? And what’s next, Thom Yorke advertising silk blouses? I hope so.

Daniel Marsh

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