Toot-Tweet or not Toot-Tweet

I wish I could be excited about the social media machine. I wish I could care about Tweeting and Liking. The useless thoughts of my mate sat in a queue. In Tesco car park. A link here, a link there. Read this, read that. This is my status. I need you to know. Exactly what I’m thinking. You need me to know. We don’t need to know. Anything.

Please share this post with all your ‘Friends’ on Facebook. They’ll no doubt drearily consume out of habit more than care. In a daze of internet insipidity that floods their bookmarked world. Check out these pics, I got really pissed. Watch this vid, it’s funny as hell. Hell. Who’s this person? I’m being followed. Liked. Poked. Tweeted. Nudged, and Stumbled Upon. LOL. LMAO. WTF. F.

So hook yourself up. Plug yourself in. Stream our Feeds, follow our Tweets, Like our pages, and share our delusions. Disillusions. We will entertain you. With the World. Wide. Web.

Merry Christmas From Everyone At Honest Publishing. LOL.

Daniel Marsh

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