Will the World Wide Web ever be Worldly?

So I’m about to publish my blog article on the World Wide Web for the world to see – the internet is undoubtedly a phenomenal publishing medium with an unparalleled reach. It is now possible for the idle thoughts of an idle blogger to be published and viewed at almost exactly the same speed (if fancy Content Delivery Networks are utilised) in New Malden as it is in say, New Guinea.

Of course the significant difference between New Malden and New Guinea is that one is in the UK which has a population of 61 million (based on the Google population thingy) with 47 million internet users (based on the WorldBank.org internet user thing), and the other is in Indonesia with a population of 227 million with 18 million internet users.

What this tells us, is if we take the little numbers and divide them by the big numbers and then multiply those numbers by 100: 77% of the UK’s population uses the internet compared to only 8% of Indonesia’s.

So although my blog article has now been published globally, the truth is 92% of the people in New Guinea won’t even know it exists. 77% of New Malden however, will no doubt enjoy my article very much, and may even add it to Twitter via their iPhones.

So when will the World Wide Web become a truly global platform, and cease to be the World Western Web? When we all have the same access to the devices and infrastructures necessary to deliver the internet, that’s when. When will that be? I’m not sure it will be – are you?

Daniel Marsh

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