Love & Fuck Poems

Author: Koraly Dimitriadis

ISBN: 9780993017438 | 108 pages

Sexually repressed, separated Greek Girl on a rampage. There’s no love here just fucks. But is she fucking him or fucking herself? A trailblazing story told through poetry of culture, divorce, love and the maddening scurry to find the sexual self.

Koraly Dimitriadis is a prominent opinion writer for major media publications in Australia. She writes fiction and poetry as well as non-fiction and also makes her own films and theatre. She is a performer and actor. Love & Fuck Poems is her critically acclaimed debut book which is a bestseller for the poetry genre in Australia.

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Love and Fuck Poems is raw, audacious and courageous. Bravo!”

Christos Tsiolkas (The Slap)

“Wow. Dimitriadis pulls no punches here. This is armed-missile poetry.”

Kate Holden (In my Skin)

“An unashamed poetic celebration of one woman’s liberation from the chains of marital convention, sexual repression and cultural obligation.”

Maxine Beneba Clarke (Foreign Soil)



You like to fuck the darkness in me [EXTRACT]

When you hold me I tremble in your arms
but you just want to fuck the darkness in me
When I told you my friend died
I said the pain was so bad I needed sex
You came straight over, and you didn’t speak
and I didn’t want you to
You kissed me, and I cried in your mouth
Then you stopped, and we hugged, tight, and sighed
But then you just wanted to fuck the darkness in me
I wanted to be held, but you sent me straight to hell
where I want to be – where I, we, belong

We walk the fine line between pleasure and pain
friend or bastard it’s all just the same
‘I love sucking your cunt,’ you said
‘I love fucking you.’
You showed no mercy, your blunt, honest words
marking out the tall walls of whatever this is
‘What are you?’ you asked.
‘Your friend,’ I replied.
‘What are you?’
‘Your friend.’
Then you yanked at my hair. ‘WHAT ARE YOU?’
‘Your fuck buddy.’
‘Good girl.’

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