What do you publish?

At Honest Publishing, we’re committed to publishing prose and poetry that is challenging, original, bold, and unafraid to be different. We are an outlet for writers neglected by the mainstream, for work that isn’t easily pigeonholed or written to a formula. You can read about all of our books here.

Where can I buy your books?

Our paperback books, Kindle eBooks, and ePub books are sold at Amazon, Blackwell’s, Foyles, Tesco Ebooks, and a further 30+ outlets. Our books are distributed by Turnaround Publisher Services and can be found in and ordered from bookshops across the UK.

Honest Publishing offers the reader:

  • A commitment to quality and originality.
  • A belief in the virtues of storytelling and a love of reading different material.
  • An active pursuit of finding great literature.
  • Support of most recent technologies, such as eBooks, to give you unparalleled choice in methods of reading.

Our current reading time

Our current reading time is 90 days.  Please note that depending on the volume of submissions we receive, this reading time may be extended. We aim to be honest and upfront with our writers, providing feedback at the earliest available time in the most transparent way possible.

We’ve decided to make this reading time adjustable to our current workload. This is so we can provide writers with the most realistic feedback date possible.

We are currently closed for submissions. Please see our Submissions page for more details.

Author rights

At Honest Publishing we understand that our writers have invested considerable time and effort in the work submitted to us. That’s why we believe in protecting the rights of the author.

All unsolicited work submitted to Honest Publishing will remain the copyright of the author.

What we’re looking for

Honest Publishing is dedicated to finding writers of any genre with a unique voice. We’re interested in fiction, non-fiction, or poetry that is original, challenging, raw, and alternative, in writing that isn’t afraid to test limits and break boundaries. We cherish writers with the talent, passion, and drive to succeed in literature.

Honest Publishing offers the author:

  • High quality editing to bring the best out of your work.
  • An original full colour book cover.
  • A drive to get reviews of your book both before and after publication.
  • Your book sold in paperback, using the POD or traditional model, and available through online stores such as Amazon as well as on our website.
  • Your book available as an eBook, to be sold in eBook formats: Kindle, ePubs, etc
  • Competitive royalties for both paperback and eBook sales.
  • Our support and enthusiasm in getting your book in as many independent book shops as possible, both online and bricks and mortar.
  • Online marketing on social networks websites (such as Twitter and Facebook) and other relevant websites to your book.
  • A press release written and distributed through online sources to promote your book.
  • A friendly, communicative relationship, letting you know at all times what’s going on.
  • Passion and drive to succeed and an open mind to be on the lookout for new opportunities for getting your book out there and read.