Darren Allen and William Barker Interview

Honest sat down with Darren Allen (r) and William Barker (l) to discuss escapades with the Queen, new year ambitions, and the renowned trustworthiness of...Read all the interview »


Koraly Dimitriadis Interview

With her blazing collection Love & Fuck Poems now blowing minds in the wild, we interrogated the poet about self-discovery, repression, and writing poems on...Read all the interview »

Mark SaFranko Interview

Mark SaFranko – author of Hating Olivia, Lounge Lizard, and God Bless America – is about to set sail on the good ship Honest, and...Read all the interview »

Mark SaFranko photo

Mary Stone Dockery Interview

When did you write these poems and when did you become aware they would form a collection? These poems were written furiously over about an...Read all the interview »

Willie Smith Interview

"The first two efforts I ever sold were porn. Straight ahead slambam stuff. I got $35 cash for each. They appeared in a local Portland tabloid HUMP MAGAZINE in the spring of 1972, just as I was ...Read all the interview »

Willie Smith 1

Ryder Collins Interview

"Mama went looking for love & it started raining bullets. Mama got lost in the wrong forest. Mama didn’t have no breadcrumbs, and mama didn’t want no porridge; she just wanted to watch her ...Read all the interview »

Linda Ann Strang Interview

"When we were six, my best friend drowned in a lagoon near Port Elizabeth. Hearing about it afterwards, I switched off my emotions and refused to talk about her for several ...Read all the interview »

Linda Ann Strang

Paul Kavanagh Interview

"I hate the word market. The word stinks. I once had a date with a girl. She reeked. I didn’t want to say anything, but the reek was bad. I said something. I tried to be sensitive. She slapped me ...Read all the interview »

Jéanpaul Ferro Interview

"The struggles that are actively taking place in country after country, the social ills that are right under your noses... the destruction of planet earth and its eco-systems are primed to be ...Read all the interview »

Jéanpaul Ferro

Bogdan Tiganov Interview

"Politics is something you don't talk about but it's buried in the psyche of every Romanian. Every Romanian is aware of the obscene level of corruption or how many aspects of the system don't ...Read all the interview »

Bogdan Tiganov independent writer