Nothing Doing Special Edition

Why Should You Care?
You say you’re bored of reading the same stale stuff?
The same narratives, the same structure, the same
post-modern drivel? Nothing Doing will wake your
literary brain from its stupor – smack you with
perversions, childhood, language, discovery and
desperation, Kafkaesque loneliness and nightmares.

This short story collection is Willie Smith‘s
greatest hits, written over a period of thirty years,
published in underground literary magazines all over
the world, from Thieves Jargon
to Andrei Codrescu’s Exquisite Corpse.
Codrescu says the following about Nothing Doing:
“When America’s underbelly shows we see that it’s fat,
wiggly, and soft,and kind of dirty, and when it will
finally get stretched out well and good by the wretched
of the world, it will be clear that what looks like dirt
is actually a collection of amazing stories by Willie
Smith who chronicled the fat, the wiggle, the complacency,
and the terror of it like only few writers did, the great ones.”

The writing is red raw, risky, unafraid, on the very edge.
It’s everything we stand for. To celebrate the launch
we’re putting together a Special Edition, limited to fifty

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What’s so Special about the Special Edition?

Nothing Doing cover artist, Carlos Pozo,
is putting together a limited collectible cover and Willie
Smith himself will be signing it. And did we mention there
are only fifty available?

How to Get One?
The best and quickest is to sign up using the form below.
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The Special Edition is due at the end of November and
when it becomes available we will send you your copy. The
offer is limited to one book per customer so make sure
you reserve your copy of the Special Edition Nothing Doing

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