Darren Allen & William Barker


Darren Allen is an author, artist, activist, philosopher and media-botherer. He has travelled widely, living in Japan, Spain, Russia, the Middle East and England, working as a technical author, English teacher, textbook designer, horse-groom, illicit priest and seller of shrunken heads; although he prefers to rely on the power and grace of Captain Unemployment to keep him from the clutches of paid employment.

William has lived in communes, jungles and even houses. He has artificially inseminated turkeys, swept chimneys, prayed to invisible trees, taught people to speak perfect English sentences, spent time as a journalist, therapist and lumberjack, galloped across Montana, cloud-busted his way into higher dimensions, stolen stinging nettles, met Inspector Gadget, totally ignored China,  overestimated the intelligence of a cabbage, run away from falling buildings, experienced the grim joy of dole queues, and sold delicious ice-cream. He currently divides his time between now and then.


Belly Up! Part One (2016)

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