Rufus Marigold

Author: Ross Murray


Rufus Marigold is the story of Rufus, a primate leading a life consumed by social anxiety.

An office drone by day but with a burning passion for art, Rufus stumbles his way through tortuous social encounters and episodes of crippling self-doubt, punctuated by the occasional tiny triumph.

By turns moving, insightful, and hilarious, Rufus Marigold offers 168 pages of beautifully drawn, bittersweet story by New Zealand artist (and fellow anxiety sufferer) Ross Murray.

You can get a taste of Rufus at the Rufus Marigold Tumblr.

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Direct from Honest Publishing (UK) £12.99 + £1.95 P&P
Direct from Honest Publishing (EU) £12.99 + £3.95 P&P
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‘Deliciously funny, uncomfortably honest, and painfully, beautifully human.’

Dylan Horrocks, Hicksville

‘There can never be too much sharing about such a universally human topic [as anxiety]. Rufus is not alone. His audience is with him from the first page to the last.’

Fanbase Press

‘An insightful look into the world of anxiety’


‘A gentle, truthful book of simple, clean design and elegant art.’


‘Feels all at once like a distillation of the best Netflix comedy special, the funniest Flight of the Conchords song, the continuation of John Clarke’s deep understanding of the Kiwi psyche and a spiritual/philosophical text; a guide book then for these curious, confusing, wonderful and heartbreaking times.’

Off the Tracks

Rufus Marigold perfectly captures the feeling of being trapped in your own skin as if your own soul was screaming to claw its way out whilst all eyes were on you. A brutally honest insight into a very personal battle which is subverted by intelligent cutting humour. The unspoken kiwi experience.’

Mark Abnett, Aroha Comics

‘Rufus is a hilarious and worryingly relatable read.’

Steven Ingram

Rufus Marigold captures the simultaneous pain and ridiculousness of extreme anxiety, that feeling of finding something brutal and funny at the same time.’

Indira Neville

‘I have never felt so seen.’

Steph, Goodreads reviewer


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