Nowhere Near Hollywood

Author: Mark SaFranko

ISBN: 9781916004306 | 300 pages

Familiar to thousands of readers in France, Belgium, Switzerland and the UK from earlier novels in the series (Hating Olivia, Lounge Lizard, Dirty Work), Max Zajack, after years of struggle to get his writing recognised, decides impulsively – and unwisely – to try his hand at acting in order to get his career off the ground. If anything can bring him attention – as he tries to convince his long-suffering girlfriend, Gayle – it’s recognition as a performer. After all the most powerful man in the world, the President of the United States, is himself a flopped ‘B’ actor.

From playing a Native American pitching hot dogs, to dropping his trousers at an audition, Nowhere Near Hollywood – told with Max’s trademark cutting black humour – takes us on his long, wacky journey of heartbreaking near-misses as a playwright and screenwriter, through the fringes of the film and theatre industries in New York City.

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“Mark SaFranko scares people like me. I believe the guy would rather write than breathe. I envy his talent and commitment.”

Dan Fante (Chump Change, 86’d, Spitting Off Tall Buildings)

“No one writes about writers, their heartbreaks and tribulations, as authentically as SaFranko. Little wonder he is frequently lauded as the heir of the great Charles Bukowski.”

Sam Millar (Dark Souls, On The Brinks, The Redemption Factory)

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