F*** eBooks – ‘The Killing of a Bank Manager’ Now Available in Paperback

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a long time coming, but finally Honest Publishing’s rip-roaring, James Joyce-esque, experimental, roller coaster, kick-ass, beer-swilling novella ‘The Killing of a Bank Manager’ by Paul Kavanagh, is finally available in good old paperback format – just the way we like it.

Screw eBooks – no one knows how they work anyway. Get your twitchy mitts on something tangible. Why so long coming? Because we ballsed up the print cover more times than we care to divulge. About 7. But we’re nothing if not determined. And stubborn sons-of-bitches to boot. And this book’s as damn near to perfect as Mr Kavanagh’s mind-warping prose.

The Killing of a Bank Manager is an eyeball workout that will leave your retinas tingling and your nerves well and truly jangled. What’s it about? Banks. Have a read:

Henry bent down and picked up the razor. He ran his right thumb along the edge. The bank manager would not feel a thing. The alacrity of the operation would be humane. Not a nerve would respond to the action. The brain would be left in the dark; the last thought would still be illuminated. The moan was long and deep like a hanged man located on the precipice of death. It was a long sojourn in the realm of moribundity. The death moan was entwined with a cathartic implosion that reverberated through the skull.

The moan fades. The Egyptians believed thoughts were located in the heart and speech in the tongue.

There is only darkness behind the eyes. You want to believe there is light, but there is only darkness. The journey from ear to ear is a journey through darkness. A darkness that is impenetrable. You want to believe that light enters through the eyes, that behind your eyes there is light, and this light produces a kaleidoscope of colour.

Henry placed the razor in his coat pocket.

Like to find out more about Henry? The Killing of a Bank Manager by Paul Kavanagh is now available in paperback…and…eBook.

Click to download a full excerpt of The Killing of a Bank Manager.

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  1. Deanna Leah says:

    Gosh where do I have your business cards with real emails? Thanks for the thanks! Your books made it home safely (Cali!) I wrote Iven at itransmedia about you and also gave a friend your books to start reading first as I organize now after LBF and have my face glued to the computer. He read some of the poetry to me over breakfast Sunday (and I just got home Saturday at 4am) and I was very impressed! I knew you guys would be good! Wishing you the best. Glad you met Aaron and went by Foreword. You found the good people 🙂 there are lots out there but the ego, market concerns etc etc is also very real 🙁 Hey and check you out!- you have many more FB fans/likes than I (hbg productions) and your website is UP and running! You all rock! Keep on keeping on!

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