without shoes
without books
without tea
without coffee
without DVDs
without CDs
without comic books
without crystals
without prints
without hope
without future
without teachers
without home
without mum
without dad
without toys
without Potter
without you
without me
without snacks
without laptop
without power
without drink
without iPhone
without steak
without money
without car
without bus
without dignity
without haircut
without football
without consoles
without knowledge
without net
without Facebook
without contacts
without love
without education
without school
without music
without film

with friend
with nothing
with drug
with loneliness
with isolation
with chaos
with ignorance
with dependence
with independence
with fit
with shit
with weather
with rotten teeth
with circumstance
with atmosphere
with fear
with help
with influence
with day
with night
with pure alcohol
with well-wishers
with good souls
with kindness
with sadness
with tears
with broken glass
with empty rooms
with hunger
with need
with passion
with heart
with guts
with prayer
with anger
with fire
with instinct
with indifference
with difference

Bogdan Tiganov

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