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UPDATE: We are not currently offering internships. We will update this page when we have vacancies or are in need of extra help. Thanks for your understanding.

Internships: we need help, and you need experience. It’s all one big happy win win situation really. Sort of. We would like you good people to help us with our plight to make the world’s most original and inspiring literature become available to…the world, and to keep independent literature alive and well, and maybe even slightly comfortable also, with a pillow fluffed behind its back.

What we need…


We need folk that are good at flogging our wares. If you’ve got any experience of sales, or just fancy yourself as a bit a charmer, then drop us an email and let us know what you may be able to do for us. This is a commission based role so if you feel you can seriously shift our books, you may be on your way to a dinghy on the Thames. Sorry, meant yacht in the Bahamas.


At Honest Publishing it’s not just about making monumental landmarks in literature, we also need to let the world know we’re doing it. We would love a marketing intern that could help us to promote our books. This would include seeking on-going reviews, searching for the best avenues of advertisement, social media tweets and updates, and anything else your keen and imaginative little mind can muster.


We also need everyone else that can do anything else, to help with the general day-to-day running of the business. This is not as bad as it sounds; we are a tiny enterprise and the advantage of working at a tiny enterprise is that you will be one of the most important people at the company – probably making your way on to the board of Directors by the end of week one. You will be helping us deal with authors and promotional activities, submissions as well as editing duties like proofreading and all sorts of stuff that’s actually not that unbearable at all. Most importantly, you can work part-time from anywhere with an internet connection.

Strings to your bow…

  • Good on computers and owns one (that you don’t mind using) with Skype capabilities
  • Likes literature and books and stuff
  • Good written skills (emails, blogging)
  • A good eye for spotting ground-breaking writing
  • A good eye for spotting errors (proofreading)
  • Social media: you must have friends…at least ‘a’ friend

What we’d really like also…

  • Design skills
  • Typography skills
  • Technical and computing skills

But we can’t have everything, can we?

If you think you’ve just read a scarily accurate and detailed description of your good self, you had better email us at [email protected] telling us just that. What’s the worst that can happen?

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