Introducing ‘Jazz’ by Jéanpaul Ferro

We’re thrilled to announce that Honest Publishing will be publishing ‘Jazz’, a collection of poetry by the acclaimed Jéanpaul Ferro. We found ‘Jazz’ to be bold, stirring, intelligent, and emotive, a stunning compilation that pulls no punches and never shies from tackling the biggest of issues.

You can read more about Jéanpaul at his author’s page. Meanwhile, here’s a taste of what ‘Jazz’ offers:

This Much

I watched her walk out the blue door,

so at night I took her by the feet out into
the ten kinds of darkness,

her mouth whispering the way the Internet
whispers poetry,

forks and spoons packed up like we’re
on the go again,

drunk in night sweats in the time machine
on our way to equilibrium,

please! I scream; I can’t do this anymore!
she screams;

until finally we both let go, hay in both
of our hair, our minds/souls undone,

because twenty years in the future I hear
the pain I put in her voice right now,

so I bring her back home and place her in
bed with the cool covers over her breasts,

her mind never knowing the before and after
of everything I had to undo (just for her).

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