‘Jazz’ Now Available in Paperback

Jéanpaul Ferro‘s Jazz is now available in paperback. Tackling the full spectrum of human emotion with considered wit and intricate prose, this is a collection of poetry that will reach both lovers of the genre and those just discovering poetry publishing.


Romantic, humorous, and gracious in delivery, Jazz is a book that truly sympathises with the journey of life, dealing with the everyday in way that speaks to your heart and mind.

With an improvised quality much like the music that inspired its title, Jéanpaul Ferro’s poetry never fails to excite and surprise with its accessible depiction of the human condition.

Think you don’t like poetry? Think again.

Poem #27

I read poetry by poets who have never met ten
Puerto Rican girls singing and dying at a funeral;

never saw an old man about to slit the throat of one
of his own fine goats.

Have you ever seen a man take the life of his own wife
with a club?

Have you ever seen one wave take the life of ten thousand
men, women, and children like they were simply dust?

I have seen things that a slip of paper cannot hold.

I have kissed the brunette hair of the woman that I was
in love with while she was lying there in her casket.

I have written a song for my son who died at age three.

I have remembered long goodbyes like they were ten
thousand winters in Soviet Russia.

I have seen tanks run over a man until he was down to

I have seen a field piled high with the pale limbs of men
and women who were stacked up like cord wood like they
did not even matter.

I have seen things in the nature of man that I wish I could
erase from my eyes, so this page could be blank—

but it isn’t.

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