Lodestar Festival 2011 Creative Challenge

Last weekend the Honest team attended Lodestar Festival. Armed with our books, a freshly made banner by local artist Ruth Martindale, and of course, cupcakes, we were all set to entertain the likes of Cage the Elephant with our raw and uncompromising Brit-lit.

Who knows if that’s what we did, but what we can be sure of is that we consumed more wood-fired pizzas than would ever be recommended by the Department of Health, and an interesting combination of beer and coffee in that order. We also sold a few books; but mostly we just gave away cupcakes and watched the bands.

In the spirit of good cheer, and because we were bored of talking to each other, we thought we’d introduce a little bit of audience participation in the stall-holder/customer relationship. As a result we devised the ‘Lodestar Creative Challenge 2011’.

The challenge, or A4 pad and pen, was placed on our table and folks were encouraged to get creative, and dare I say, raw and uncompromising. Here’s what they came up with…

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the words found on the original A4 sheets had little resemblance to actual words. Typist interpretation has been used on more than one occasion. Italics equal a new person…we think, and uncertain words feature [?] next to them, where we couldn’t even hasten a guess.

Lodestar Festival 2011 Creative Challenge

Lodestar Festival 2011 Creative Challenge: Add a Verse to the Poem…

Got in with attitude and festival mood

And all of this just has to be good
So kick off your heels and jibe[?]
And young and old lets really live

The setting is lovely, the weather is great, thank you to Doug for taking the trouble to found with vision Lodestar Festival.

So throw words around
At the festival ground
And lets all have some fun
And food and drink a ton

to those who entertain without vain
and those that help with loss of some day[?]

So welcome one and all with transparency a loss of inhibition and faculty

Then lose yourself to tranquillity

And enjoy your new vitality

And now it’s time to change the tone of this poem…!
To write of sunshine, friends & wine
The festival spirit makes us all feel fine
A day of happy music vibes
Can makes us all feel so alive!

Now here comes the the anti-sun, the silver lining
Wave good-bye, friends, to the author signings.

So carry on Sunday, the weather uncertain
No chance it’ll bring down an early curtain

late at night let the party rock go and grab a burger and look round the shops!

Don’t fret because everyone will come together in the end
Let me know if there’s anything else you recommend
But life’s to be lived to the full
The music is just the beginning
The experience is everything

The zorbing balls are more than fun
I’d recommend them for everyone
The climbing wall is just fantastic
At least the harness isn’t elastic!

Now there’s pressure to continue the rhyme
But I don’t have time to

Sheltering from the rain in a tent…
I’ll do anything for a cupcake!

I climbed the climbing wall
it was really cool

Such a rainy day at Lodestar
at archery my arrows went far

I really hope it doesn’t hail
As that would be such a fail!

I’ve had an awesome time so far
But I can’t seem to find my car!

Say[?] bands have been quite dull
But this has given me time in which to mull
Over the things that trouble me most
Like pizza, chips, Thai food or TOAST

Last of the fests, Lodestar in the rain
Never mind! Next year we’ll be back again

The camping was fab in Doug’s fields o’green
And the toilets are the cleanest that we’ve ever seen!

On Sunday we had precipitation but it didn’t spoil our anticipation of Tigers that Talked, not everyone walked but stayed and talked, in our tent.

Let’s be honest we can’t rhyme
We’re just here to pass the time

Music echoes across green fields
Cooking drifts across
Lodestar 2011

uncompromising voices neglected by the mainstream,
I just stole a slogan because I was stuck,
Ta very much for an awesome festival…
and the cake! 🙂

Festival Hats!
Festival Hats!
Indian headdress
Giant rabbits & cats
Festival Hats!
Festival Hats!
There’s top hats that suit your face
Straw hats & ring ‘o’roses
headbands apace[?]
Festival Hats!
Festival Hats!

Chips and curry in a field
Thank God we are stuck in North Weald

Doug had a vision
It was his decision
to stop growing cereals here
his new crop it seems
is the stuff of dreams
Lodestar Festival is here.

Check out those guys in the field with that giant boat
Sponsor them please, donations that will keep them afloat

Yummy free cakes!! I love Lodestar so much
School BOOO! If you do get too cold or or like hot chocolate go to More Tea Vicar!

Rock and Roll – wot a noise

Little Barrie graced the stage
Gave it large and rattled our cage
waiting for The Magic Numbers to come
And light up Lode like the Sun!!!

A very good effort, all, a very good effort. Thanks to everyone for entertaining us.

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