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This site uses cookies…we think. A cookie is a small flat dry sweet or plain cake of many varieties, baked from a dough. Our favourites are those that contain hydrogenated fats that cling to your arteries and give you sharp pains in your ribcage. Unfortunately, you can only find these in Eastern European supermarkets these days (probably because of the EU, ironically…).

Cookies are used to feed the fairies that float around the internet carrying pixels, so that it works. If you don’t want cookies on your website, you must starve the fairies. When fairies stave their symptoms include pains in the fairy stomach, severe and painful fairy constipation, followed by uncontrollable fairy diarrhea, fairy faintness, fairy weakness, and fairy dizziness. The little fairies slowly become emaciated and drawn, although their little fairy feet and hands may swell with retained water.

As a rule, the cookies that feed the fairies help to increase your browsing experience, as each fairy feeding on a cookie will be able to remember what websites you’ve been on. However, if you’re scared, you can disable the cookies in your browser so that they starve to DEATH.

To disable your cookies, please consult your browser’s Help guide, or contact Honest Publishing Technical Support Team who will be happy to pass on their technical expertise:

[email protected]

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