This Week’s Reading, 26.8.12

On the treadmill this week we have the manga version of Das Kapital, toothbrushing, the most inappropriate headline ever and far more.

Gorky - One Year the Milkweed

  • Leader image: Detail from Arshile Gorky’s One Year the Milkweed. Full version here.
  • The last, unpublished notes of a dying Christopher Hitchens.
    “In Moonwalking With Einstein, Joshua Foer explains how to use your memory to extend your life. Routine days and nights leave no lasting impression—they pass, and it’s as though they never happened. Unusual events—exotic travel, strange encounters, new experiences—plant durable memories and make life actually seem longer. Essentially, the more you remember, the more you feel you have lived, and thus, the more you actually have lived. Hitchens was the embodiment of this idea. He constantly sought sensation—traveled everywhere, drank everything, met everyone, got waterboarded—and he remembered it all, as well as everything he read.”
  • And finally, here is a great scene from the masterpiece that is Sátántangó.

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