Honest Christmas Bonanza

Welcome to the Honest Christmas books bonanza…

Honest Publishing Christmas Mailout 2011

Honest Publishing Christmas Mailout 2011| Ho Ho Ho…

Struggling to find the perfect gift for that impossible to buy for person? This Christmas ditch the novelty socks, the over-priced comical gifts and the inappropriate jewellery; instead opt for something a little different that is guaranteed to make your loved ones laugh, gasp and cry:

An Honest book.



COMING SOON: We can’t promise snow this year, but we can bring you ice. Well, fictional ice anyway, in Paul Kavanagh’s new novel Iceberg. A timeless, illustrated tale of adventure and discovery made unforgettable by Kavanagh’s incisive vision and punchy humour.


If you will insist on buying underwear for that special person, this year buy something that will fit: pick up Linda Ann Strang’s Wedding Underwear for Mermaids. Strang’s first poetry collection is a dynamic lyrical exploration of femininity and womanhood.“If poets would have us fall for them, this is a poet to fall for.” Alan Botsford, editor of Poetry Kanto


Or if you are determined to leave your loved one feeling raw and exposed, don’t buy cheap bubble-bath (of questionable origin), instead pick up Ryder Collins’ debut novel Homegirl! A modern day love story full of sex, violence and the ‘C’ word (and no I don’t mean Christmas), Homegirl! is not a story for your mother.“Homegirl! will spank you and punch you in your teeth and leave you longing for more.” J.W. Wang, editor of Juked


Like the swinging spontaneity of the music, Jeanpaul Ferro’s Jazz is lively and full of vibrancy. Ferro’s elegantly crafted poetry is written with a touching humanity that will make the soul weep: the perfect accompaniment to mulled wine and walnuts.“I recommend Jazz with the highest praise possible.” JoSelle Vanderhooft, The Pedestal Magazine


Staying at home this Christmas? Bogdan Tiganov’s The Wooden Tongue Speaks is cheaper than a plane ticket but will take you an exhilarating journey through the author’s hometown of Brăila, in Eastern Romania. Hardhitting, beautifully frank and intricately written, The Wooden Tongue Speaks is the perfect holiday destination this festive season, and you don’t even have to leave your armchair.“Explore the mind-warping paranoia created by Romania’s notorious dictatorship.” Helena Drysdale, author of Looking for George


Forget giving your loved one conventional brain fodder for fireside reading this season, instead give them a book that will make them think. The Killing of a Bank Manager is a ballsy and witty read that will catch an unsuspecting reader in its complex narrative maze. With succinct insights on nearly every page, this is the perfect book for the unconventional, fearless reader.“It’s infuriatingly brilliant. Or vice versa.” David Rose, author of Vault

Honest Publishing Christmas Mailout 2011

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