This Week’s Reading, 20.5.12

This week: Marcel Proust playing air guitar, Harvey Pekar, Patti Smith’s poetry, and a defence of Nikola Tesla.

Das Fest des großen Wurmes

  • Leader image: Das Fest des großen Wurmes.
  • New Chomu title revealed, four months in the making – “the literary and psychic equivalent of a tour around the edges of a dying galaxy in a spectacularly malfunctioning space vehicle.”
  • The Oatmeal on the greatest geek, Tesla.
  • Susan Sontag in a bear costume! Marcel Proust playing tennis racquet guitar! And (from the comments) Bohumil Hrabal on a giant wooden chair! (Thanks, Danielle)
  • A stack of new video readings from Jéanpaul Ferro’s Jazz, courtesy of Honest’s YouTube channel. While we’re on the subject, make sure you’re subscribed to Willie Smith – a more entertaining reader you’ll struggle to find.
  • Harvey Pekar’s final interview:

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