This Week’s Reading, 3.3.12

A new weekly round-up of curiosities and grotesqueries that fried our synapses. Starring, this week:

Raul Oprea

  • Tim Parks at the NYR blog on establishing a modern canon: “Whatever in the future masquerades as a canon for our own time will largely be the result of good marketing, self-promotion, and of course pure chance.”
  • Artist Erik Thor Sandberg: “With my work, I always try to dissect and expose a piece of human nature. I approach each composition as a kind of conversation between me and the audience. This dialog is always an attempt to question and define a scrap of my identity or that of the audience.” (this via Paul).
  • The second issue of The Coffin Factory creeps quietly out – new fiction by Aimee Bender, Justin Taylor, Adam Wilson, and Jacques Strauss.
  • Finally, a hat-tip to two presses we have fallen in love with – one for the future, one now in small press heaven. Future: Milanese press Terracava (again, via Mr. K), homespun zines of the psychedelic and the demented. Heaven: Kilmog Press, a just-closed-down Kiwi press from the gusty streets of Dunedin – gorgeous books with incredible production values.
  • Yukio Mishima, interviewed in English:

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