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An arrest in Singapore

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Time for me to climb on my soapbox. My attention this week was caught by the story of British author Alan Shadrake. The 75-year-old writer has been held by the Singaporean authorities for promoting his book on the death penalty that still exists in the country. He has been arrested for alleged criminal defamation and “other offences”, and his passport has been impounded. (more…) more»

iPads and Charity Shops

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

I am stood in the white, angular confines of Manchester’s Apple store, an iPad in my hands for the very first time. I’ve spent twenty minutes with Apple’s latest creation and have found it, in many ways, to be electrifying. Already I have used it to surf the web, watch a video, and now I am playing a game in which I steer a rally car through forests by simply tilting the device. I am absorbed, child-like in my wonder.

Alas, my first experience with the iPad as an e-reader would later leave me unexcited and cold. Reflections bounce from the rich, glossy screen, and the page-turning animation becomes old quickly. My arms soon begin to ache from holding it. I’m thinking too much about leaving fingerprints on that pristine surface. (more…) more»