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Living Online

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

I live in the online world. I don’t go out much. I see things going on outside – trees blowing in the wind or something. Brick walls. I hear telephone rings and builders working away, playing their shit music and whistling. Online – the information is all there, ok maybe not all but most of it. Probably. Everyone has something to say online. There are professional voices, paid editors, or voluntary bloggers. There’s a review of everything. What’s the best cat? What’s the ideal bedside lamp? You can learn stuff that you wouldn’t admit to not knowing. How do you cook an egg? How do you touch your toes? It’s endlessly fascinating, endlessly entertaining, even if I no longer smile or feel the need to. I think the internet has evolved me. I only really go out for fags or Haribo. (more…) more»