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Occupy Art. Word¹.

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

I have been thinking the big things about government and civil disobedience and art and society and love and what it means to be a human being and why do we tell the stories we tell when there are so many other stories and why, when there are so many other stories, do I call myself mama, yo. (more…) more»

The Honest Alan Moore Interview – Part 2: The Occupy Movement, Frank Miller, and Politics

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Here’s the second part of our interview with comic book legend Alan Moore, in which the creator of Watchmen and V for Vendetta speaks about the Occupy protests, Frank Miller (and Miller’s trenchant anti-Occupy stance), and what needs to change in politics. You can read the first part of our interview HERE and the final part HERE. Our thanks once again to Alan Moore for his time. (more…) more»

A Muse

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Stephen D. said something about the briny spume and all the punters – Daisy, Moustache, Faulkner, Hunter, Davida, Johnson, and Bartholomew, got into a brand new Taureg just off the lot and drove to the beach. The beach was snot-green and Moustache had a cold and a cough. Moustache’s cough caused the mucous to spray the dying embers of a bonfire left behind by bohemiams hoping for a new world. They’d burned their underpinnings. This was not relevant to Faulkner, Hunter, Johnson, or Davida. Daisy wanted to be a dominatrix or a writer. Moustache was hurting from the sinuses. The stars, too. They were circling somehow behind the sun and clouds. They were waiting. Moustache knew this like he knew he had a clavicle. Like he knew his uncle’d jerked off to a young girl masturbating. It was all written down somewhere. Bartholomew was not writing it because Bartholomew was entranced by the orifices of tiger lilies. Not Daisy’s orifice, although, Daisy had several, which she would hide behind giggles, perfume, and someday a whip or a pen. Daisy was a smart girl and she wanted to go to university. University of life. Bad art. (more…) more»

Occupy Publishing

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Inspired by Ryder Collins‘ tremendous article, and as a tangent to the ideas behind the Occupy Wall Street movement, I wanted to slam down my very own opinionated piece. It seems to me that business/writing/the business of writing is a continuous handshake, a wink and a slap on the bum.

(Sure I want to bring down federal banking just like the next man. I do believe that what is going on financially in the world is a massive swindle and most people are on the losing end. But what I also believe is that you and I also need to be held accountable. We’ve put our faith in these establishments, we’ve handed it all over, from our salaries to our mortgages. Not to mention the free-spending, the gluttony and lack of self-control which has meant we’ve lost our footing; in fact we’ve lost it, slipped up and fallen face down in our own putrid puke.) (more…) more»