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Why Religion and Faith Still Matter

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Of Gods and Men, a film about Christian monks in Algeria, has made me, through the ideas it presents and represents, rethink my place in the world. Religion bashing has once again become cool, as it’s generally acknowledged that only idiots believe in what they can’t see. Individual responsibility, Sartre screaming in the collective ear; but if the individual is an empty vessel then I believe society is a brothel filled with cheap sensory overload, false promises and superficial relationships. Say I spend time fulfilling daily duties for a paycheque (that paycheque goes towards basic necessities and fancies, no more) and in my free time I Tweet, Facebook/Facestalk, drink, go to the cinema (hardly, too expensive these days, download it), gossip about Apprentice… where does wisdom and understanding come into it? Can the teachings of holy books be replicated by Twitter or the rising careers of pop scientists? (more…) more»