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Online Bookshops Vs Bricks and Mortar

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

So what are the pros and cons of buying books online and buying books via the old-fashioned high street (or side street) way?

Online Bookshops: Why Buy?

Cheap. Amazon and other online bookshops are nearly always cheaper. Even with postage, and often by a third of the price. It’s nearly ridiculous…but also quite fantastic. (more…) more»

Death of the Bookshop

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

So, the death of the bookshop is apparently upon us. Wave goodbye to lavish little shops, books and posters of books and book presentations and, of course, the bookseller who’s just looking to spark up an intimate conversation on the merits of transcendental meditation. Good. I was never much of a bookshop person. I’ve bought most of my books from charity shops because I could never afford brand new books. I also read a lot of books by borrowing from libraries and, with the world now overrun by the internet, I purchase reduced books online or read them when someone’s posted it on their site. Of course I will buy a book at full price if I absolutely believe in it. But when I was growing up I had to find the most affordable way of gaining knowledge. (more…) more»