A Very Honest Tooting Tale

Thanks to everyone at Tooting Tales festival for having us on Saturday. The vibes, I can report, were indeed splendid. And especially thanks to Eleanor Brown and the children of the Klevis Kola Foundation – a community organisation set-up to help refugee and asylum-seeking families play a full part in the local community – who gave some great readings and wrote some very wise words at the Honest Publishing writer’s desk…

“I like exploring different cultures and also expressing my feelings through poetry. I’ve also grown confidence by reading in front of a crowd as I’ve never done it before. In conclusion, I’ve had a great experience as well as a good time.” Tony

“I really enjoyed today, listening to different cultural poems, and I had a great time as well!” Nasteha

“I think today was really great, I loved exploring different cultures, I had a great time.” Jenny (we think…it was a bit scruffy)

Hear, hear. And of course, thanks to our very own Bogdan Tiganov for his recital of his short story ‘The Old Man’s Village’ (that can also be found in audio form on Short Story Radio) from his book The Wooden Tongue Speaks.

A Very Honest Tooting Tale 1
A Very Honest Tooting Tale 3

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