Homegirl! Now on Kindle

Just a quick PSA to say: Homegirl!, Ryder Collins’ gutsy, whip-smart debut novel, is now available on Kindle at these places:

Homegirl! – Kindle (US)
Homegirl! – Kindle (UK)
Homegirl! – Kindle (Germany)
Homegirl! – Kindle (France)

If you’re among the growing number to callously abandon your beat-to-hell, dog-tired paperbacks and their book glue smell and hewn pages and all that personal feel jazz, you may as well do the sensible thing. Get some Homegirl in your life.

On a related Homegirly note … if you’re in the Springfield, Missouri area tonight, Ryder Collins is starting her Homegirl! book tour at the Good Girl Art Gallery. Head to 157 Park Central Square at 6pm to listen to Ryder read, and grab a signed Homegirl! for yourself.

For more info, check out the Homegirl! Facebook page here.

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