The Wooden Tongue Speaks – now available in paperback!

Honest Publishing is delighted to announce the publication of its first paperback book, The Wooden Tongue Speaks, by exiled Romanian author Bogdan Tiganov.

This essential collection of short stories and poetry focuses on post-Ceauşescu and post-Cold War Romania, and delves into the pain, hope, paranoia, and uncertainties of this supposedly liberated world and its inhabitants. Candid, witty, and insightful, this is a compelling, unflinching look at modern Romania.

The Wooden Tongue Speaks has already earned widespread acclaim, with critics quick to praise its “wonderful prose”, proclaiming it a “brutally honest insight into the bleakness of [Romania’s] post-communist disillusion,” and describing its stories to be “almost too lovely, too painful, and too eternal in their pure timelessness.”

The Wooden Tongue Speaks is now available as both a paperback and an eBook, from the following locations:

Paperback (£7.99)
eBook (£3.99)

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