The web can be Pandora’s Box and the web can be the spider web that ensures, the web can obfuscate time and the web can fill your head with the debris of a thousand car crashes, the web can be the cause of thrombosis, and the web much like LSD can have you believing that you can fly, the web is a fish bowl, the web is Space Invaders, Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong while watching Lanny Barby doing what Lanny Barby does best, the web is the labyrinth, the web is a walk through a brothel where all doors are open and all things are permitted, and where Lanny Barby will sing and dance for you on cue, the web is the matrix (I had to write that) and the web allows that lonely person living the life that would make Dostoevsky cry break out of the insular and shout very loud, in fact his or her voice on the web is a jet engine exploring into a myriad of fragments compared to the squeak that plagues them, the web is beyond good and evil and the web is most of the time very boring, most blogs and other stuff should allow the entropic decline to carry them over moribundity,  but now again the web will produce something worthwhile and here I feel you will see the web at its zenith, at its best:  The Public Domain Review.

Paul Kavanagh’s ‘The Killing of a Bank Manager‘ is out now, priced £7.99/$12.99.

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