This Week’s Reading, 01.7.12

Alan Moore and his new short films, the importance of The Reader Organisation, an interview with Kurt Vonnegut and more.

Detail from Richard Dadd's 'Fairy-Feller's Master-Stroke'

  • Leader image: Detail from Richard Dadd’s ‘Fairy-Feller’s Master-Stroke’. Full image here.
  • The bizarre deaths of some famous authors, including the mystery surrounding Edgar Allan Poe, Christopher Marlowe’s violent end and Mark Twain’s spooky prediction.
  • Depicting ‘life without Internet, flat-screen televisions, or air conditioning’, Heather Benning creates a life-size Dollhouse.
  • Wes Anderson’s latest movie Moonrise Kingdom ‘stars a girl with a suitcase full of awesome-sounding (and totally made up) books’. Here are 10 fake books from the movies…if only we could read them.
  • Kurt Vonnegut talks about the importance of reading and writing

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