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Wedding Underwear for Mermaids

Author: Linda Ann Strang

ISBN: 9780956665843  |  90 pages

Linda Ann Strang’s first poetry collection skilfully entwines fairy tales, womanhood, African culture, and the female psyche. The warrior mother, the spurned lover, the maltreated bride: they are all here, expertly drawn in lush, original language that you’ll want to wallow in from beginning to end.

Unflinching and intuitive, Strang’s forty-two poems paint an image of womanhood and femininity that is at once insightful, witty, dark, intimate, and utterly human.

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Charity for Nightmares

Friday, April 20th, 2012

The troll beneath the bridge is dying
to invite someone home
to view his etchings.
If only he had a home
or some etchings.
He scratches his pustules
and dreams of art classes.
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