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Greetings, Hero

Author: Aiden O'Reilly

ISBN: 9780957142756 | 322 pages

“Aiden O’Reilly’s stories of one-night stands and fraught relationships, of dreamers, drifters and migrant labourers, an academic crank at war with the legacy of the Roman Empire and a man who assembles a woman from a kit suggest complicated truths about who we are now and where we have come from. Greetings, Hero is a poignant, inventive collection by a writer distinguished by a rich and resonant voice.”

Ashley Stokes (The Syllabus of Errors, Unthank Books, 2013)

“A startling debut – wit and artistry, spliced to an imagination which has real ambition for the short story.”

Mike McCormack (Notes from a Coma) more»

Aiden O’Reilly

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Aiden O'Reilly, Greetings, Hero author
Aiden O’Reilly was interested in puzzles from an early age and published papers on a QM dynamical system before abandoning a PhD in mathematics. He has worked variously as a translator, building-site worker, property magazine editor, and IT teacher. He lived in Eastern Europe for a time, but only met his wife after six years there. He is a 6-kyu go player, enjoys reading Karl Jaspers, and lives in Stoneybatter.

His collection of short stories, Greetings, Hero, will be released in 2014. more»