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Author: Ryder Collins

ISBN: 9780956665881  |  222 pages

Homegirl works in a café & doesn’t know what she wants. Homegirl does live-living things like dating Punkboy and Richboy but doesn’t know who she wants. A creepy creeper named Shadow knows he wants Homegirl. A Craig’s List witch knows she wants Richboy. & the café bitches are always forever knowing they want the one you want cos that’s just how they roll… Homegirl don’t care about any of them; she’s out for love and vengeance and gots a Glock in her boot to prove it.

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Ryder Collins

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Ryder Collins likes to call herself mama sometimes even though she has no kiddies. She is the author of a chapbook of poetry, Orpheus on Toast. She has work published in DIAGRAM, > kill author, Fix It Broken, and Juked, among others. She has won or been a finalist in some contests and been nominated for some serious stuffs, but mama doesn’t like to brag or kiss and tell.


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