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Addicted to The Vorrh on Kindle

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen and highly intelligent pets, we bring you The Vorrh on an electronic platter. You can now go down to the electronic high street, at the only store in town, and buy a simmering e-copy. Now we know smoking’s expensive – that’s why we’ve priced The Vorrh Kindle at roughly the same price as twenty glorious deathsticks. You see, this New Year, we’d like to help you get over your addiction by replacing it with a new one. We do all we can to help.

The Vorrh Kindle – UK customers
The Vorrh Kindle – US customers

WARNING: The Vorrh DOES NOT kill or make you impotent. You may, however, experience a serious kick from its imaginative vorrh_3 more»