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The Existential Life of the Lonely Writer

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Paul Kavanagh’s recent blog about the use of the word existentialism got me thinking about this utterance and how, more than any other profession, a writer must be an existentialist in order to simply survive while he or she still claims to call one’s self a writer. (more…) more»

Honest Publishing Interviews Dan Fante

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

If you’re yet to discover Dan Fante, now is the time to change that. Like his legendary father John, Dan Fante writes about America’s underdogs in hard-hitting prose that is ballsy, truthful, and bullshit-free. He’s the author of four novels – Chump Change, MoochSpitting Off Tall Buildings, and 86’d – and two poetry collections, A Gin Pissing Raw Meat Dual Carburettor V8 Son of a Bitch From Los Angeles and Kissed by a Fat Waitress. We’re big Fante fans here at Honest, so we thought we’d ask the man himself some questions. (more…) more»