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Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Ștefan goes to see the pups out of curiosity, driven by his love for animals. He feeds the strays on the streets of Brăila daily, sometimes gives them bites out of his own sandwich, in the evenings he watches Animal Planet, but he knows he is too busy to care for a dog. Too busy driving his taxi from dawn till night in order to pay his daughter’s rent money. His daughter lives in Bucharest, in an “overpriced studio flat”, and his daughter’s solicitor’s salary is hardly enough to pay for food or the coffee she needs to keep her going. (more…) more»

A Gay and Patriotic Romania

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Is The Wooden Tongue Speaks bleak? What picture does it paint of Romania? Are the Romanian New Wave films grim? It angers me to the extreme when I read commentary by Romanians who find reality negative. (more…) more»

Bogdan Tiganov

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Bogdan Tiganov Poetry Publishing

Bogdan Tiganov is a writer and artist, born in Brăila, Romania, on August 1, 1981. It was there that he started his lifelong interest in the arts, attending the Nicolai Bălcescu School of Music at the age of seven, where he learned to play piano as well as composing. In London, UK, he studied visual arts under the supervision of Don Pavey, world-renowned expert on colour. Tiganov finished writing and illustrating his first book by the time he was fourteen, and attracted considerable interest from leading children’s book publishers.

Since then, he has studied English Literature at degree level, received a CELTA teaching diploma from IH Barcelona, and has had various jobs, including as an English teacher, a call-centre operator, an editorial assistant, and a content editor. His short stories and poems have appeared in magazines and periodicals worldwide.


The Wooden Tongue Speaks – Romanians: Contradictions & Realities (2010) more»