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Author: Paul Kavanagh

ISBN: 9780957142701 | 130 pages

Iceberg is a timeless, illustrated tale of adventure and discovery made unforgettable by Paul Kavanagh’s incisive vision and punchy humour.

Don and Phoebe live in a grim Northern town in England where they have nothing except disappointment and a terrified dog. Until they win an iceberg. Join them on their escape from normality across Europe, Africa and Antarctica, searching for a home, a heaven and a kaleidoscope.

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Paul Kavanagh on Iceberg

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

With the release of Iceberg, Paul Kavanagh’s second book, we thought we’d ask the great man a few more questions.

Iceberg is very different to The Killing of a Bank Manager
Paul Kavanagh: I wanted Iceberg to be a fast and fun read. I wanted to use a conventional style, I didn’t want to tax the reader, I wanted the read itself to be pleasurable. My intention with The Killing of a Bank Manager was to make the read as onerous as the character’s journey. I wanted each footstep the character took on his journey to murder to be extremely difficult for the reader, the psychology of the character to be matched by the paragraphs, sentences, and those long, obscure words. I wanted the reader’s journey to mirror Henry’s journey. Iceberg is the antithesis to The Killing of a Bank Manager in style; nevertheless, I have my fun. (more…) more»