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Mary Stone Dockery

When did you write these poems and when did you become aware they would form a collection? These poems were written furiously over about an »

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Willie Smith 1

Willie Smith

“The first two efforts I ever sold were porn. Straight ahead slambam stuff. I got $35 cash for each. They appeared in a local Portland tabloid HUMP MAGAZINE in the spring of 1972, just as I was graduating from college.”

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Readability & The Man Booker Prize

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014
Readability & The Man Booker Prize - Cheese and Chips So the judges of the Man Booker prize 2014 have been announced, accompanied by a good old re-hash of the ‘readability’ argument unwittingly initiated by Dame Rimington in 2011. Is it more »

Exclusive excerpt from Vorrh 2 by B. Catling

Sunday, October 27th, 2013
OL LONGFELLAR, ADAM AND A PREVAILING BREEZE: AN EXTRACT FROM THE ERSTWHILE, VORRH 2 Execution techniques vary widely and cultural preferences do not always travel well. Such was the case in Essenwald. The twentieth century’s fashion for enclosing the act and making it clandestine and elitist was not well-receive d among the ancient tribes of the African continent. They wanted, demanded something more theatrical, lavish in its spectacle and democratically available to all. more »

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